GOtrack VIMS

Vehicle Implement Management System

This tool was created with large-area users in mind. The application is designed for remote monitoring and management of many Auto DRIVE autonomous vehicles and e-Spray PRO and e-Spray GSM precision spraying systems with GPS Assist.

Agronomists and managerial staff managing work in large farms gain a good tool to improve work and obtain a large amount of important information on currently implemented treatments.

Access to historical data and reports makes it much easier to create analyzes and forecasts for subsequent periods and seasons.

Designation: : For medium and large-area users,

GOtrack App

Application for mobile devices

Monitoring the work of remotely navigated GOtrack products. Access to information is carried out via a server in the cloud, where data is processed. The most important parameters from the user’s point of view are displayed on the screen of his smartphone. This is precise real-time monitoring.

The app is for users of Auto DRIVE, e-Spray Pro and e-Spray GSM with GPS Assist. It provides immediate access to data, i.e. driving speed, liquid flow rate, liquid level in the sprayer’s tank, alerts, current vehicle location visible on the Google map.

Through the app, the user can turn the system on and off remotely and precisely locate the machine. The tool provides the ability to automatically update the software of GOtrack products.

Designation: For individual users

GOtrack configuration

Service tool for dealers

The GOtrack configuration application is a tool for the Technical Service and Dealers who install and set up GOtrack systems.

The application has been developed for use with Android Smartphones. GOtrack control units communicate with the service technician’s smartphone via Bluetooth.

Software users have access to full diagnostics of GOtrack devices, settings and calibration of individual system components. Designed to support products such as: Remote CONTROL, Line ASSIST, Auto DRIVE. It is also used to support individual customers served by the manufacturer’s helpdesk.

Designation: For technical service