A solution that automatically maintains a constant liquid output on the sprayed orchard surface, regardless of the variable speed of the sprayer.

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Komputer współpracuje z każdym rodzajem opryskiwacza wyposażonym w elektrycznie sterowaną grupę zaworową.

Komputer Opryskiwacza

Moduł Sterujący


The GOtrack spraying computer comes in two models. These are e-Spray and e-Spray GSM and additional modules extending the functionality are GPS Assist and Air-Control.

  • operation of 1, 2 and 3 section sprayers
  • support for various solenoids: coils and motors
  • operation of the flow meter, liquid level sensor, anti-drift system actuators
  • monitoring the cleanliness of nozzles in the presence of a flow meter
  • a computer compatible with the GOtrack Auto Drive system
  • upgradeable to higher hardware versions
  • the computer display is color, 7 inch and touchscreen
  • the ability to present the amount of liquid in the tank despite the lack of liquid level sensors or a flow meter

Spraying computer dedicated for use with sprayers equipped with electrically controlled section and control valves. A computer designed for users who value precision.

eSpray GSM

The spraying computer with additional functionality has a built-in GSM modem, thanks to which it has access to the Internet and SMS communication with the user. This version is expandable with optional expansion modules.


Autonomous driving control and setting route and work parameters

Sprayer module

Control of valves and sensors build in the sprayer

Cable harness

Specially prepared wiring for sprayer module

Power cord

Cable to power on the computer

Computer holder with suction cups

The holder for the sprayer computer is used to mount the computer in the tractor cabin. It has three suction cups to be attached to one of the panes. Two ball joints allow to set a comfortable computer position. The arm is 14 cm long.

Computer holder for railings

The holder for the sprayer computer is used to mount the computer in the tractor cabin. It has a base for mounting on railings and handrails. Two ball joints allow to set a comfortable computer position. The arm is 14 cm long.

Speed sensor holder

The speed sensor holder is used to mount the speed sensor at the sprayer’s wheel.

Speed sensor cable

The cable is used to connect the speed sensor with the sprayer module.

RTK service access

Time subscription: 1m | 3m | 6m | 12m

GOtrack App

Mobile application for monitoring operating parameters
eSpray GSM with GSP Assist and eSpray PRO

Remote implementation and service

Remote services provided by phone or e-mail


GPS Assist

The basic function of the GPS Assist module is navigation and automatic activation of valve sections when spraying orchards and plantations.

GPS Assist is used to automatically turn on and off the valve sections of the sprayer according to the route recorded by the user. As part of the navigation, the system activates the option of drawing a map of the trips made and those to be made in the sprayer’s computer.

Thanks to this device, the tractor operator does not have to manually control the activation of the valve sections during the treatment, it happens automatically with an accuracy of 2 cm. In addition, the computer display in the cabin shows a map of the plantation with marked rows that have been sprayed and those that remain for further treatment.

The system ensures the safety of the procedure and eliminates the possibility of operator error when he enters the same rows several times. In this case, treatments are not duplicated in the same passes.

This solution is dedicated as an extension of the functions of e-Spray GSM computers and is included in the equipment of e-Spray PRO computers.

Users managing a fleet or individual sprayers have access to monitoring the location and operating parameters via the GOtrack App.

GPS RTK corrections are required for the correct operation of the module. They can be obtained by subscription or by purchasing your own RTK Base.


  • increasing the precision of spraying procedures
  • increasing savings on applied plant protection products
  • systematization of plans and routes in rows
  • convenient graphical navigation when driving between rows
  • reduction of operator errors
  • remote monitoring of the procedure performed via the GOtrack App mobile application
  • access to the VIMS fleet management manager (optional after purchasing an additional subscription)

Technical parameters:

  • compatibility with e-Spray GSM computers
  • possibility of expanding e-Spray computers after upgrading the version to e-Spray GSM
  • function included in the standard equipment of the e-Spray PRO computer
  • the device consists of: a GPS receiver to be mounted on the roof of the tractor and an electronic module to be built into the main board of the e-Spray GSM computer
  • 12VDC power supply
  • for proper operation, the need to obtain RTK patches in the form of a subscription or own RTK base station

RTK Base Station

The RTK corrections reference station is used to generate geo-location corrections for GOtrack device users and more.

The device is designed to work with navigation devices that require high precision. It generates RTK location corrections with an accuracy of 2 cm.

Having your own base station eliminates the need to purchase a subscription access to RTK services.


  • use of the device without additional subscription fees
  • support for autonomous and precise navigation systems
  • GOtrack Auto DRIVE support
  • e-Spray GPS Assist support
  • e-Spray PRO support
  • assembly on your own farm
  • range within a radius of up to 35 km
  • Accuracy up to 2 cm, depending on the quality of the GSM signal on the receiver
  • Internet connection via Wi-Fi, LAN or GSM network

Technical parameters:

  • the ability to connect up to two patch users to one base station free of charge
  • RTCM 3.3 correction standard
  • list of available RTCM messages: 1005, 1074, 1077, 1084, 1087, 1094, 1097, 1124, 1127, MSM4, MSM7
  • LTE modem operating bands: B1/B3/B7/B8/B20/B28
  • WCDMA: B1/B8
  • GSM/EDGE: B3/B8
  • Powered by Ethernet PoE cable
  • Supply voltage 48V
  • Current consumption: 0.5 A
  • PoE standard: PoE IEEE 802.3af/at

Air Control module

The main function of the Air Control module is to reduce the drift of anti-drift spray drops beyond the plants and trees designated for application.

The stream of air and mist of plant protection products flowing out of the fan column of the sprayer is supposed to hit the protected plants precisely. In fact, the direction and speed of this mixture is largely dependent on locally occurring wind gusts. As a result, there is a “drift” of spraying on undesirable areas of the plantation.

The Air Control device manages the operation of the side covers of the fan columns. The user has the option of opening or closing the shutters on the selected side of the column, depending on the local drift winds.

Air Control is a module that extends the functionality of all GOtrack e-Spray computers.


  • reduction of spray drift outside the designated “anti drift” zones
  • savings in the amount of spray applied
  • high precision in the application of plant protection products
  • positive impact on environmental protection
  • the possibility of obtaining a report on the course of treatments, available for e-Spray PRO

Technical parameters:

  • 12VDC power supply
  • digital communication via CAN-BUS
  • designed for integration with all GOtrack sprayer computers
  • control of 1 or 2 aperture actuators
  • manual control by the user performing the procedure
  • the possibility of integration with the weather station service to automate the control of the shutters
  • a device dedicated to sprayers equipped with fan columns with adjustable apertures

RTK corrections access

With the increasing presence of GOtrack products on the market, the range of access to RKT patches is expanding. Users of the GPS Assist and AUTO Drive systems can take advantage of paid access to the geo-location correction service.

We offer time subscriptions for: 1 month; 3 months; 6 months; 12 months.

Check our offer and service availability in your area.

Spraying computer

The spraying computer is a device that manages the operation of all executive elements of the orchard sprayer, i.e. section valves, main valve, control valve, column lighting, control of the column air shutters.

The computer collects information about the current operating parameters of the treatment, including the working pressure, the current flow rate (using a flow meter), the sprayer’s speed in the tank and the control valve to maintain a constant, user-defined flow rate per ha.

The e-Spray computer is a device that sets completely new standards among devices of this type.

The operator has a large, legible and touch screen at his disposal, on which all the parameters of the procedure are presented.

The current operation of the sections is carried out using a convenient and intuitive joystick.

The operator is kept informed of any irregularities in the operation of the machine by means of graphical, sound or SMS alerts.

Benefits of use
  • wireless communication between the computer and the sprayer module
  • simplified operation of switching sections on and off with a single joystick. Moving the joystick up turns on the left and right sections (previously marked to be turned on), down turns off everything. Moving the joystick to the left turns on the left sections and moving the joystick to the right turns on the right sections. Move to the side again to turn off the page
  • large, legible menu. Tile style menu
  • full characteristics (which are not linear) of nozzles from the following companies: TeeJet, Lechler, Albuz entered into memory
  • the ability to set various types of alarms: sound, graphic, SMS
  • multilingual menus

Benefits of use
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