Auto DRIVEautonomous driving system
Line ASSISTautomatic row navigation
eSpray PROprecise spraying
Remote CONTROLremote tractor control

Autonomous driving system

Unmanned, fully autonomous tractor driving on a plantation. High precision and safety.

Auto DRIVE is the most advanced GOtrack product. It was designed for automatic and unmanned tractor driving during operations, such as spraying, mowing, mechanical destruction of weeds and others.

The solution frees up huge resources of the operator’s working time, the device can work around the clock every day.

Models in our offer:

  • Auto DRIVE – retrofit system
  • Kubota Auto DRIVE – tractor

Automatic row navigation

Automatic parallel guidance of the tractor or mobile platform along the inter-rows in the orchard and vineyard. High precision with slow and fast travel.

Line ASSIST is a track assistant that allows automatic and parallel driving of a tractor or a mobile platform along the inter-rows in an orchard and vineyard. Thanks to this solution, the user can make work without the need to control the steering wheel.

The system recognizes the space in front of the moving machine and corrects the track to maintain a constant distance from the surrounding trees, branches and obstacles.

Models in our offer:

  • Line ASSIST Basic T
  • Line ASSIST Basic P
  • Line ASSIST Pro

Spraying computer

Optimal use of plant protection products. It sets completely new standards among devices of this type.

It ensures automatic maintenance of a constant spraying liquid efficiency, regardless of the variable driving speed of the sprayer. It automatically controls the activation of the valve sections, precisely navigating the operator around the plantation with the use of GPS geo-location.

e-Spray is a series of sprayer computers dedicated to use with any sprayer equipped with electrically operated section and control valves.

Computers designed for users who value precision, economy and care for the natural environment.

Models in our offer:

  • eSpray
  • eSpray GSM
  • eSpray PRO

Remote control system for every tractor

Controlling the driving functions of each tractor from outside the tractor driver’s seat.

Thanks to this solution, there is no need for the operator to be on the tractor seat to steer it. This solution is particularly useful when working with attached orchard platforms, while caring for trees at height, harvesting fruit in the upper parts of crowns, and installing anti-hail nets.

The products of this series increase the usefulness of tractors by minimizing the involvement of specialized tractor drivers during certain works on plantations.

Models in our offer:

  • seria PLUS
  • seria Gear PLUS
  • moduł Line Assist


All GOtrack devices use digital connectivity and are managed with dedicated applications. Our devices are equipped with intelligent and intuitive control.

For the technical service teams, we have created the GOtrack Configuration tool, thanks to which settings and system diagnostics are made during the installation and diagnosis of devices.

For individual users, we have created the GOtrack App tool to control the monitoring of the operation of autonomous vehicles and the progress of treatments.

For agronomists and large-scale users, we have created the GOtrack VIMS tool to manage a fleet of autonomous machines working at the same time on a shared area.

Models in our offer:

  • GOtrack configuration
  • GOtrack App
  • GOtrack VIMS manager
Learn about the benefits of the system

Products from the GOtrack series enable precise, convenient and remote control over machines, tractors and fruit-growing equipment.

Increase the efficiency of orchard treatments and works. Control your employees’ work remotely. Respect your time.


Universal GOtrack kits provide at least the same functionality as ready-made solutions, and are obviously cheaper.


GOtrack solutions can be integrated with all types of machinery and equipment available on the market, without the need to interfere with the machines’ internal systems.

Moduły dodatkowe

Baza RTK

Asystent nawigacji przejazdów
Baza poprawek RTK jest przeznaczona do współpracy z modułem GPS Assist.


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Kamera Human Detect

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GPS Assist

Lorem ipsum – tekst składający się z łacińskich i quasi-łacińskich wyrazów,

Air control

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Additional modules
Our offer includes many modules and additional devices increasing the usability of the main products. These are both control modules extending functionality as well as independent operating separate devices. Check which accessories you can choose for yourself.
RTK Base station

RTK base station generates geo-location corrections for GOtrack users and others.

Designed to work with navigation devices that require high precision.

Generating RTK localisation corrections with an accuracy of 2 cm.

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EHR module

Electronic control of the position of the tractor's rear hitch.

It is available as an independent device and as an additional module for users of the Auto DRIVE system.

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ODC camera

Detection of people and recognition of obstacles in the vicinity of a moving vehicle.

Reliability of the algorithm is based on artificial intelligence. The camera effectively recognizes and identifies the type and location of objects.

The ODC camera is used as an add-on module in GOtrack Auto DRIVE autonomous driving systems.

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GPS Assist

Automatic switching of the sprayer's section valves.

The operator don’t have to control manually switching of the section valves. Unit controls it automatically with 2 cm accuracy.

A map of the plantations is displayed on the computer screen with the sprayed rows marked and those remaining for further application.

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Air control module

Drift reduction of spray drops "anti drift"

Controlling the operation of the side shutters of the fan columns.

Air Control is a module that extends the functionality of all GOtrack e-Spray computers.

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