GOtrack wizualizacja1
Punktor GOtrack

GOtrack standard version

Tractor’s functions available using the standard verstion: move forward and stopping, turning, stopping the engine.

The system consists of:

  • Clutch drive – 1 piece
  • Brake drive – 1 piece
  • Wheel drive – 1 piece
  • Central control unit – 1 piece
  • Wired control panel – 1 piece
  • Additional security buttons – 4 pcs.
  • Wiring – 1 set

Technical specifications:

  • The system is designed to work with any model of tractor equipped in power steering
  • Access to 12V DC power supply from the istallation of the tractor
  • Degree of protection IP65
  • Operating temperature: -20C to 50C
  • Drives dimentsions: 400x250x150
  • Provides independent safety system
  • 5 emergency stop switches

Additional modules

Bezprzewodowy panel sterowniczy

Wireless control panel

All device functions the same as in the standard package. Communication between the control panel and the central unit device is wireless by radio RC. Range 50 m.

Regulacja gazu

Speed control

The module extends the device with the ability to adjust the engine speed. The tractor is equipped with an additional rod position controller. On the control panel there is an extra speed regulator.

Bieg wsteczny

Reverse gear

The module extends the capabilities of the device with the ability to change gears. One can choose: one gear forward, neutral, one back. The tractor is equipped with an additional gearbox drive. Control panel does not change. Priced individually, depending on the tractor model (design gear lever).

Automatyczny rozrusznik

Automatic starter

The module extends the capabilities of the system with the possibility of starting the tractor using control panel. On the control panel there comes an extra button.



Installation and calibration of the system on any tractor model. The installation kit includes a special mounting kit dedicated to each model of tractor.

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