How it works

Orchard activities have never been so easy!

GOtrack enables remote control of orchard tractors. Now any operator of a tractor doesn’t need to stay on the seat of the tractor to drive it. With the use of our system, the user has the ability to steer the tractor using the joystick placed on the control panel, wired or wireless – depending on the version chosen.

The device controls rod position of the clutch and the brake. The process of starting and stopping the tractor is performed by retracting and tempering of linkages exactly the same way as it is done during a typical driving by the tractor operator.

Turning is performed by the wheel drive located on the steering column between the cockpit and steering wheel rim.

Working with the system is very simple and intyitive thanks to the fact that all of its functions were transferred to a single joystic located on the control panel.

By using the joystick, the user starts and stops the tractor, performs turns of the wheels, puts off the engine or demands emergency stop.

Examples of applications

The device has many applications in fruit farms, but most frequently it is used with tractors cooperating with usual orchard platforms providing the same functionality as a self-propelled platforms.
Some of the treatments in orchards are carried out at a height of more than 1.5 m from the ground. To perform these works, orchard platforms hitched to the tractor are often used. Treatments carried out by using such sets include:
Punktor GOtrack

Cutting trees

Punktor GOtrack

Friut picking

Punktor GOtrack

Installations of poles and other structures

Punktor GOtrack

Installations of anti-hail nets

Punktor GOtrack

Other care work

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